Our Story

EclecticNista is a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend. She is a boss, career oriented, SAHM (stay at home mom).  She's a woman who gives no f**ks!  She is sassy, aggressive, outspoken and her style is a reflection of her.  She doesn't follow trends, she dresses how she feels.  Eclecticnista is not just a woman, its a Lifestyle.


Stephanie says her dream has always been to open her own chain of consignment/boutique shops across the world.  She says her mission is to get women to start loving themselves!  She grew up in a home, where her mother was  always “Fly” every time she stepped out.

As a daughter, she was proud to say “that’s my mama.”  She learned at a very young age, to love herself.  Beyonce says, “God made her, however she likes to think God created her.”  Stephanie's thoughts exactly.


She further states that God blessed her with daughters for a reason.  Years ago, she felt she should have already opened the boutique, needless to say, God said she wasn’t ready.  She has been blessed with beautiful “living dolls”.  She says her and her daughters have played dress up, had photoshoots and have a love affair with fashion, which bonds them.  Her girls have developed their own sense of style and they OWN it.  She has raised them to love themselves and to know their worth.  She believes that God made her wait for them to mature to take part in building their family legacy.  The legacy is to share with the world her love for style, beauty and self worth! 

EclecticNista is a family of fashionistas who share a love for vintage, fashion and style.  We house a collection of hand picked vintage pieces by its founder Stephanie.  We know the secret to "FLYness" is shopping vintage.  We don't dress the same as everybody, so we are always looking for one of kind pieces for ourselves and other Stylistas.  Shopping vintage is a great way to help with the environment as well.  We are eco-friendly.

We are located in New Jersey and have been in business since 2008.  We opened an online store in 2012.  The ladies behind EclecticNista are myself & two daughters.   We adore VINTAGE style because we love to have a different swag everyday! 

What is an EclecticNista? 

"Eclectic•Nista":/E-kelt-knee-stA/ (noun) a person who is fashion savvy who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

(verb) the act of taking something old & revamping it into something new resulting in becoming a trendsetter of vintage clothing.

Wouldn't you like to call yourself an EclecticNista?  Shop our vintage online store and start your journey to a fabulous, recycled and exclusive wardrobe! 

The Making of EclecticNista

As a child, Stephanie has always took pride in her appearance.  She says she was fortunate to be raised by a strong single mother of four daughters and a village of confident, beautiful and fashion forward women.  She continues on to say that her love for fashion started as far back as the age of five.  She has always been creative and style savvy.  Although she may not have had any formal education in fashion, she has worked for companies who have informally educated her on the business aspect of running a successful clothing store.  She has over 20+ plus years of retail management experience with companies such as Regis Corporation, Express, Charlotte Russe and New York and Company.